Our Approach

Welcome to Essential Being for Kids – we provide yoga and mindfulness classes, resources and training to teachers, parents and kids.

Essential Being’s Integrated Mindfulness for Kids is based on four key pillars of research – yogic philosophy, neuroscience, mindfulness, and social and emotional learning.

  • Yogic Philosophy includes vayus, chakras and pranayama
  • Neuroscience includes emotional awareness and brain function
  • Mindfulness includes five focus points for meditation
  • Social and Emotional learning includes self-regulation skills and strategies and vestibular stimulation techniques

Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology

Our  program was developed after many years of research and experience and takes its teaching from a combination of ideologies and methodologies which are based around Chakra System Theory, Eastern Buddhist practices and Western Positive Psychology.

The Chakra System Theory, for example, suggests that wheel-like energy centres of the body, develop sequentially, starting from the base of the spine, all the way to the top of the head. As a child develops from birth to adulthood, they need to learn how to develop both physical and emotional awareness of their body and feelings and our adults trainers can learn to support children in ways that are appropriate for their current level of development. 

During our yoga and mindfulness classes we touch on some of these key areas of development & wellbeing including:

  • Environmental – Lifestyle Choices, Sleeping patterns, Healthy eating habits, Routine, Family Dynamics, Coping with illness
  • Physical (Grounding) – Breathing techniques, Sensory Exploration, Yoga Poses
  • Mental – Mindfulness, Problem solving, Coping with Stress, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Self-control, Goal Setting, Academic learning. Critical Thinking 
  • Emotional – Dealing with Feelings, Empathy, Confidence, Self-esteem, Kindness, Compassion, Resilience 
  • Spiritual – Values, Strengths, Contribution, Expression, Creativity, Gratitude, Setting Boundaries
  • Social – Communication, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, Self Regulation, Relationships 

We not only provide you with the resources to achieve this through our program W.A.T.C.H.E.R Method – Integrated Mindfulness Kids but we view wellbeing holistically examining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of a child. 

This integrative approach is what we believe is the key for successful living and learning!

How we can support you