Self-Care Retreat Dec. 7th

Very excited to be hosting the next self-care meditation retreat in beautiful Bend of Islands Victoria.

Bend of Islands is situated in an environmental living zone 30km north-east of Melbourne CBD and takes 20 minutes from Warrandyte.

To get arrive to the retreat you will drive through scenic bushland so please leave ample time to enjoy this drive and consider it as the start to your day of self-care.

Date and Time: The retreat will take place 7th December. Please arrive by 9am for a 9.30am start. The retreat will finish at 4pm.

Cost: Your investment to the event is $95.

The day will include:

  • YOGA NIDRA – We’ll begin the day by getting you to slow down and tap into your subconscious awareness through yoga nidra for a deeper feeling of rest and relaxation
  • TEA CEREMONY – We’ll discuss mindfulness (informal practice) and ways we practice self-care during a tea ceremony
  • SELF-CARE JOURNAL – You will get your own self-care journal with techniques and strategies for journaling
  • MEDITATION – What is it (formal practice) and how do we practice it? We introduce you to a range of techniques and strategies in order for you to begin to understand what meditation is so that you can begin your own meditation practice at home.
  • YIN YOGA – Pranayama (breathing techniques for self-care) and mind-body integration through slow, mindful movements
  • SELF-MASSAGE – We will guide you in how to practice your own self-care massage using oils that you can take home!
  • HEALING HEART MEDITATION – We will guide you through a gratitude, love and kindness meditation so that you can identify blocks, patterns or habits that are stopping you from feeling whole, nourished and loved! By focusing on awareness, listening to what our mind, body and spirit needs and showing ourselves better love and self-care, we are able to better care and show love to others!
  • MORNING TEA, LUNCH AND AFTERNOON TEA – We will care for your emotional minds and physical bodies by providing organic and nutritious foods to revitalise and energise you!

Hoping to share some yummy food and discuss self-care practices with you all. Looking forward to a wonderful day!

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