Founder of Essential Being

Hi I’m Jess, the creator of our unique Learning, Development and Wellbeing Programs for children.

In my decade long experience as a classroom teacher, I’ve noticed increasing levels of anxiety amongst young children. This can show up in the physical body as a sore tummy. I’ve also seen an increase in a lack of resilience and an inability for children to concentrate or sit for long periods and engage with their learning. 

With limited time and super busy schedules, it is challenging for parents and teachers to address all the needs of each child – while also teaching reading, writing and social emotional skills. 

While teachers lack the time and resources to take a closer, more holistic look at children’s development, often parents sometimes lack the patience and guidance to support their children in these areas.

I am passionate about the wellbeing of all children and work with parents and teachers to create holistic ways of learning and development that are practical and  engaging with solution-based outcomes to build long term wellbeing. 

My holistic approach to teaching, learning and wellbeing development

My goal is to help empower children to maximise their wellbeing by improving their relationship to their own thoughts, feelings and actions.   

I have identified different blocks of learning and development to help children fulfil key aspects of their life. These include:

  • Physical – upward and downward energy, regulating the nervous system
  • Mental – ability to focus and concentrate, improved academic performance, overcoming limiting beliefs, identifying strengths and building resilience 
  • Emotional – awareness and acceptance of all emotions and feelings, family dynamics, improved relationships
  • Spiritual – creativity, acceptance of self and others, strengths and personal values 
  • Social – team building, conflict resolution, communication, boundaries

The W.A.T.C.H.E.R Method is an integrated mindfulness therapy approach for kids focusing on self-regulation of thoughts, feelings and actions to shift them towards a more calm and present state of being. 

This will ultimately help them to learn more effectively, bounce back after challenges (build resilience) and live each day more happily.