Founder of Essential Being

Hi I’m Jess, 

In my decade long experience as a classroom teacher, I’ve noticed increasing levels of anxiety amongst young children. This can show up in the physical body as a sore tummy. I’ve also seen an increase in a lack of resilience and an inability for children to concentrate or sit for long periods and engage with their learning. 

With limited time and super busy schedules, it is challenging for parents to address all the needs of their child while creating a predictable, responsive and supportive home environment without the patience or proper guidance to support them. 

I am passionate about the wellbeing of children and families, and work with parents to create holistic ways of meeting their children’s needs that are practical and engaging, while providing solution based outcomes to build long term wellbeing. 

My holistic approach

My goal is to help empower parents by improving their relationship to their own thoughts, feelings and actions, so they can then provide a predictable, responsive, and supportive environment for their child. 

In my approach I have identified a Hierarchy of Awareness. Instead of using a “top down” approach to emotional health which focuses on the “thinking brain,” we address this from a “bottom up” perspective that considers the essential role of the entire nervous system. 

We focus on five main areas of regulation to meet your child’s needs. These include:

  1. Physiological needs (basic human needs) e.g., food, water, temperature
  2. Physical needs e.g., connection through touch, eye contact, exercises, breathing techniques, sensory input
  3. Cognitive needs e.g., the ability to focus and concentrate, overcoming limiting beliefs, mantras (affirmations), identifying thinking patterns
  4. Emotional needs e.g., model labelling feelings, building empathy
  5. Social needs e.g., communication, setting boundaries, conflict resolution

My aim is to create a space for children and parents to explore the ‘why’ behind their challenges and encourage the development of self-compassion throughout the process.