Home Schooling Support for Families

With the ever-increasing threat of lockdowns, more and more parents are resorting to home schooling as an alternate way of educating their young children.

We work with families to provide all the necessary components to support you with home schooling and to comply with increasingly complex government requirements. 

Our integrated and practice-based approach not only provides parents with the necessary supports for home schooling, but provides a holistic framework, ongoing advice and assessment to ensure your child is meeting their developmental and educational milestones for personal growth. 

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How we work together

We work with primary aged children in fun and interactive one on one sessions to then develop an Individual Learning Plan. We can do this online or onsite as needed and available. 

Through a series of assessments, one on one dialogues, play based activities, movement and yoga practices and academic support, each child will receive an individual development plan that can then we used for subsequent learning. 

Parents are a key player in this process to help establish initial developmental goals and then encourage and celebrate their child’s progress along the way.  

Together we work to determine the most suitable path for each child. 

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