For Teachers, Parents and Carers working with children

We offer 1-day retreats in the beautiful bushlands of north eastern Melbourne. 

Our retreats aim to provide teachers with the skills to consider ways they can focus on their own wellbeing using practical tools like yoga and meditation as a way to achieve a sense of calm and renewal. 

  • Retreat Objective? Take time to recharge and reset in the beautiful bushlands of Melbourne, Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to support your own wellbeing using practical tools and strategies. 
  • How long is the workshop? Saturdays 10.00am-3.00pm
  • Cost: $95

What will you learn

We provide practical strategies which are based on four key pillars of research – yogic philosophy, neuroscience, mindfulness, and social and emotional learning.

  • Yogic Philosophy pranayama (breathing) and asana (poses)
  • Neuroscience including emotional awareness and brain function
  • Mindfulness including five focus points for meditation
  • Social and Emotional learning including self-regulation skills and strategies

Why should you choose this program

  • Based on the teachings from 3,000-year-old Eastern philosophy and current Western psychology practices
  • Structured around a unique and practical Wellbeing approach 
  • Practical strategies that you can draw on for yourself and when supporting children 

Topics covered

  • Essential components for Teacher Wellbeing
  • How to use our Emotions Wheel and what is happening in the brain when we feel these emotions (based on Dan’s Segal’s Brain Hand Model)
  • How to use different breathing practices to address different emotions
  • How to practice mindfulness and relaxations that have a profound benefit for wellbeing
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1-Day Retreat includes:

  • A Teacher Guide
  • 1 x Yoga Session
  • 1 x Meditation Session 
  • Understand the benefits of mindfulness 
  • Introduction to the W.A.T.C.H.E.R. Method
  • Teacher Wellbeing Wheel
  • Classroom Resources
  • A Course Completion Certificate
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