Parent Retreats

We offer our Parent retreats in the beautiful bushlands of north eastern Melbourne. 

  • Retreat Objective? Take time to recharge and reset in the beautiful bushlands of Melbourne. Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to feel empowered to support your own wellbeing plus build greater connection with your child by learning practical tools and strategies so you can co-regulate together. 
  • How many hours? Saturdays 10.00am-2.00pm
  • Cost: $400


  • Overcoming stress in the home and at school 
  • Building healthy relationships 
  • Increasing happiness and a sense of calm within the family 
  • Promoting effective communication and language around thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Having practical strategies to add to your “wellbeing toolkit” for lifelong regulation and sustained mental and physical health

Why should you choose this program

  • It is based on the teachings from 3,000-year-old Eastern philosophy and current Western psychology practices
  • It is structured around a unique and practical Wellbeing approach 
  • It uses practical strategies that you can draw on for yourself and when supporting children
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What’s involved?

The first half of the retreat, aims to provide parents with self-regulation skills to consider ways to focus on their own wellbeing using practical tools like yoga, meditation and breathing techniques as a way to achieve a sense of calm and renewal. 

The second half of the retreat, aims to provide parents with co-regulation skills and strategies to facilitate greater connection with their child. 

What you will learn

In the retreats we provide practical strategies for self-regulation which are based on key pillars of research including yogic philosophy, neuroscience, mindfulness and social and emotional learning – all so you can create a sense of calm within yourself. These include:

  • Yogic philosophy including pranayama (breathing) and asana (poses)
  • Neuroscience includes brain function and nervous system responses including the fight, flight, fawn and freeze responses and how to deal with them
  • Mindfulness including mantras and meditations to bring about a sense of calm and awareness to manage and acknowledge your child’s feelings and behaviours
  • Social and Emotional learning that includes tried and tested self-regulation skills and strategies for young children
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What’s included:

  • Parent Handbook
  • Introduction to a tool called the W.A.T.C.H.E.R sequence – a simple approach that supports parents to facilitate mindfulness and co-regulation
  • A Guided Meditation and Yoga class to relax and unwind
  • Morning Tea & Lunch provided
  • Access to a bank of resources including meditations, videos and more!
  • Bonus: Yoga for Feelings Storybook
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