What is Holistic Education?

Excerpt from Mahmoudi S, (2012), Holistic Education: An approach for 21 century, International Education Studies

“Holistic education encompasses a wide range of philosophical orientations and pedagogical practices. Its focus is on wholeness, and it attempts to avoid excluding any significant aspects of the human experience. It is an eclectic and inclusive movement whose main characteristic is the idea that educational experiences foster a less materialistic and a more spiritual worldview along with more dynamic and holistic views of reality It also proposes that educational experience promote a more balanced development of – and cultivate the relationship among – the different aspects of the individual (intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, social and Aesthetic), as well as the relationships between the individual and other people, the individual and natural environment, the inner- self of students and external. world, emotion and reason, different discipline of knowledge and different form of knowing. holistic education is concerned with life experience, not with narrowly defined” basic skills”.

Essential Being holistic tutoring, we believe this same philosophy.

We pride ourselves in creating a program that educates the whole child, through their mind, body, and igniting their spirit across a multitude of inquiry themes.

During this time when home schooling is going to become part of our everyday lives, we wanted to create a space to help support parents facilitate their child’s learning.

The best part is that we’ll give you tips and advice, organise 1:1 zoom meetings to support you, get to know your family, children and their interests and come up with activities that are fun and engaging.

There’s no need to go out and buy a multitude of toys, activities and materials as most activities just require you to use things you can find around the house and garden!

Please contact me today to organise a free 30 minute consultation and start connecting!

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