Using our Storybook with your Child

Our Storybook has been carefully created to help children explore the various emotions they may feel throughout their day. 

The goal is to help children recognise physical sensations they experience when emotions arise and then teach them specific yoga poses to help them ‘move through’ that emotion. 

Parents can build wellbeing and emotional literacy by asking their child some questions. For example:

  • What do you think this person is feeling?
  • How do you know?
  • Have you ever felt like this?
  • Where did you feel this emotion in your body?
  • What did you do to overcome it?

Using our Yoga Cards with your Child

This set of 28 double-sided cards can be used separately or alongside the Storybook. Each card includes a picture pose, instructions and a positive affirmation. 

These cards are really great because children resonate with the different animals, get to have fun, be creative while practicing the different yoga poses. 

The card deck also comes with breathing techniques and meditations that you can talk through with your child.  These guided meditations can be used while doing yoga together or before bedtime!

Please read the below blog article for more games and ideas to use with your cards!

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