Our Yoga Classes

While building strength and flexibility, children learn to feel calm by connecting to their emotions and learning self-regulation strategies to move through ‘big’ emotions. 

In our kids yoga classes, we start to introduce children to the W.A.T.C.H.E.R Method a mindfulness check-in tool for children to start building awareness of their body, using breathing techniques & mental strategies, emotional literacy and self-regulation to build their own wellbeing Toolkit.

What kid’s learn

Through this process kids learn mindfulness practices and learn to identify & process their emotions – which is a huge part of their overall development!

Once they can name how they are feeling, they can use their toolkit to counteract these ‘big’ emotions.

For example, if children are feeling ANGRY they could:

  • do grounding YOGA POSES to counteract anger with downflowing energy
  • do BREATHING EXERCISES that focus on deep breathing to relieve tension
  • implement MENTAL STRATEGIES that ask questions to get to the source of their anger
  • practice grounding MEDITATIONS that help them move from anger to calm
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