Yoga for Feelings – Our Approach

The Yoga for Feelings Program integrates Western psychology with Eastern philosophy practices to tackle a range of emotions through evidence-based strategies, brain science research, emotional intelligence tools and more.

Our Program has been developed for children to help them explore their feelings. Whether it’s anger, sadness or worry, our unique Feelings Scale helps children identify their emotions, why they might be feeling this way and where they feel these emotions in their body. 

See a sample of our Feelings Scale below.

Feelings Scale

We start by grounding each child and then giving them resilience-building strategies, which focus on anger and worry. Our objective is to help each child learn how to calm and regulate their nervous system, while building their capacity to build resilience and use mindfulness tools to learn how to pause and then react to their emotions.

As we move up our Feelings Scale, we explore being shy or feeling sad, to give children opportunities to understand why they feel these emotions and then develop confidence and gratitude to be able to express themselves creatively and authentically. We progress through the Feelings Scale using yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices, and give each child a range of tools and strategies to move through their emotions in a healthy way!

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Feelings Wheel

The Feelings Wheel is…

Children are taught different yoga poses to help with these feelings – for example, if they are angry, they can do calming poses to regulate their nervous system, if they are scared they do focusing and balancing poses to help them be brave. If they are feeling shy or embarrassed they can do heart opening poses and learn positive affirmations for confidence and practice gratitude for expression and self-regulation. 

Tools and strategies