What is Learning and Development coaching?

Have you ever noticed your child struggling to deal with all the different aspects of their life and individual wellbeing?

For some kids it might be developing concentration and focus to be able to engage with a task for a period of time without being distracted. For others it might be developing the skills to manage their emotions and self-regulate. For some kids it might be developing the confidence to express their ideas and views or to achieve academic results that truly reflect their strengths and abilities. 

As qualified primary teacher, certified yoga teacher, a meditation and mindfulness practitioner and someone with years of experience working with young children, I know that every child has the capacity to thrive and reach their full potential with a holistic approach to their wellbeing and a diverse range of tools and strategies for their development.

I integrate best practice pedagogy with a research-based and a holistic approach to wellbeing to deliver one-on-one coaching sessions that are tailored to the specific needs of each child. Through a series of assessments, one on one dialogues, play based activities, movement and yoga practice, breathing techniques and academic support and so much more … each child will receive an individual development plan to follow with me and into the future.  

Why do kids need coaching?

When a child is displaying intense emotional outbursts, anxiousness, shyness, anti-social behaviour or is easily distracted, this effects not only the child’s wellbeing, but also their ability to learn effectively. A child’s personality and behaviour can also have an impact on household routines and family dynamics. 

A growing body of research has shown that young children today have increasing levels of anxiety and mental health issues, a lack of resilience and overstimulation from technology and social media, and a range of influences impacting their lifestyles, relationships and behaviours. 


Areas of coaching

During our coaching sessions we work with kids across the following areas:

  • Environmental / Physiological – Lifestyle Choices, Self Regulation, Sleeping patterns, Healthy eating habits, Routine, Family Dynamics, Coping with illness, Manners
  • Physical – Fitness Level, Breathing techniques, Mindfulness, Being more present, sensory exploration
  • Emotional – Dealing with feelings, Coping with Stress, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Self-control
  • Social – Empathy, Conflict resolution, Confidence, Self-esteem, Communication, Relationships, Kindness, Compassion  
  • Mental – Problem solving, Expression, Creativity, Goal setting, Academic learning and support, Gratitude 
  • Spiritual – Values, Strengths, Values, Contribution 

Our goal is to help every child:

  • Raise their self-esteem and confidence level
  • Shift their mindset
  • Learn to stand up for themselves
  • Improve school performance
  • Improve relationships with peers
  • Express themselves and communicate more effectively
  • Deal with fears and let go of anger
  • Deal with anxiety and stress
  • Develop awareness around the power of their thoughts
  • Be more mindful and increase concentration
  • Problem solve
  • Reach for goals and live their values!