Tutoring and Coaching?

I work with your child to integrate best practice pedagogy with a research-based approach to wellbeing to deliver one on one tutoring/coaching sessions tailored to the specific needs of each child. 

I not only work with the child but with families to provide resources to get kids engaged and proficient on their learning journey. 

I don’t just focus on academic results, but the underlying emotional, social and physical challenges and strengths of the children as well.  

I create an Individual Learning Plan that includes students strengths, areas for improvement, goals and their interests so I can gain a full picture of the child and provide resources to them and their family for ongoing support. 


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Why do children need tutoring/coaching?

Parents generally approach me to coach their child to support them in one or more aspects of their life. For example, their child may be striving academically, but may need some support in terms of building social interactions and peer relationships.

Alternatively, their child might be physically active but finding it challenging to sit still and focus on their academic schoolwork. 

Whatever the issue – whether a child is displaying intense emotional outbursts, anxiousness, shyness or anti-social behaviour or anything else – our thorough assessment and holistic approach means we usually get to the bottom of their concerns & provide them with the skills to thrive!

How we work together

We work with primary aged children in fun and interactive one on one sessions.  We can do this online or onsite as needed and available. 

Through a series of assessments, one on one dialogues, play based activities, movement and yoga practice, breathing techniques and academic support, each child will receive an Individual Learning Plan to follow with me through the sessions.

Parents are a key player in this coaching to help establish initial developmental goals and then encourage and celebrate progress along the way.  

Together we work to determine the most suitable path for each child. 

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