Advanced Trainings

For Teachers, Parents and Carers working with children

In these trainings, you are given the opportunity to learn and then teach the W.A.T.C.H.E.R Method – a program to help build emotionally aware and mindful kids through practicing yoga, mindfulness and self-regulation skills.

We provide all the necessary components to support you to teach coping skills and self-regulation to kids and to comply with the increasingly high demand for wellbeing teachers in the industry.

Our integrated and practiced-based approach not only provides you with the necessary support to teach mindfulness in your classroom, but provides a user-friendly Method, ongoing advice and support and practical tools a strategies.

  • Workshop Objective? Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to facilitate one on one interactions with children to help them achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  • How long is the workshop? 1 full day – 9.00am-5.00pm
  • Cost: $395

Why should you choose this program

  • We use a combination of educational pedagogy and practice, kid’s yoga strategies and counselling principles to achieve holistic wellbeing in children
  • Based on the teachings from 3,000-year-old Eastern philosophy and current Western psychology practices
  • Developed by real-world and hands on classroom experiences of over 10 years
  • Structured around a unique and practical Wellbeing approach 
  • Delivered through an edutainment approach to maximise engagement
  • Loved by kids and parents alike for its power to transform child wellbeing and family harmony  

What you will learn 

  • 10 Essential components for teaching Wellbeing
  • 4 Stages of a child’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development
  • How to access tons of ideas and strategies to improve child wellbeing that have been tried, tested and work!
  • How to use our Emotions Wheel and what is happening in the brain when we feel these emotions (based on Dan’s Segal’s Brain Hand Model)
  • How to use different breathing practices to address different emotions
  • How to deliver mindfulness practices and relaxations that have profound benefit for children

Workshop Includes

  • Participant Manual
  • Emotions Wheel Template
  • Access to a bank of resources including meditations, videos and more!
  • An Accredited Workshop Completion Certificate
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