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Emotions Wheel Poster


The Emotions Wheel has been designed to help your child explore different feelings, expand their emotional vocabulary and give them visual representation of the different emotions we might all experience day to day.

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Yoga for Feelings Cards


These set of 28 double-sided yoga cards have been created to accompany our Yoga for Feelings Storybook.

They help children discover yoga by learning essential poses, breathing exercises and easy to follow sequences and meditations.

Our yoga cards are used in our Family Yoga classes but they can also be used on their own to practice yoga poses and play games together!

Our Yoga Cards are used to learn the asanas (postures) and their proper formation. Each pose also comes with a positive affirmation (thought) that can begin a discussion between parents and their children around positive thinking and family values.

This pack includes 16 yoga poses, 4 breathing exercises and 4 meditation scripts

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Yoga for Feelings Picture Storybook (Hardcopy)


We hope you enjoy this story as you play, breathe and sing your way through a kaleidoscope of different emotions!

This book has been created to help children explore the various emotions they may face throughout their day. It can be used alongside or separate to the Essential Being Family Yoga Program.

The goal is to help children recognise the physical sensations they experience when emotions arise and then teach them specific yoga poses to help deal with that emotion.

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