Program Content

Not all wellbeing programs were created equal and this makes a significant difference in their effect on a person’s ability to understand their own mental landscape, so that they can draw on techniques and strategies to prevent emotional burnout, stress and ill-health.

Program Content

The BodySense Meditation Program can be delivered to all members in your workplace community.


Each participant will start by doing some pranayama (breathing exercises) to alleviate stress from the body, followed by some stretches to ground the body, encourage deep relaxation, and then I will guide them through a meditation practice for mental clarity and self-awareness. Over the duration of the BodySense Meditation Program, participants should become familiar with these techniques to be able to use and implement them in their own daily practice.


This program is delivered by a trained yoga and meditation teacher and can be attended by up to 15 employees at a time, in a timeframe of between 30 and 60 minutes per session.

Mental health and wellbeing are important issues to address in all workplaces, with one in six Australian workers experiencing a mental illness, and many others also experiencing initial signs including depression, anxiety, worry, fatigue and insomnia. By addressing the mental health of your employees, we can provide a longer lasting impact on their wellbeing, by building their capacity for self-care, supporting emotional balance and calmness of mind, and provide them with the right tools to learn to respond rather than react to life's daily challenges.

A guided practice of diaphragmatic breathing explaining how the effects of stress, incorrect breathing and lack of exercise can have negative effects on our health.


A sequence of stretches with an explanation of the anatomy of the body, explaining how the body works most efficiently and how to reduce stress and tension.


A meditation practice focusing on different meditation styles (incl. movement, dance, breath, awareness) so that participants can explore a range of techniques to discover which one best suits them.


The session will conclude with questions and group discussion around what was learnt and provides a platform for people to share their experiences.