Winter Retreats

Written by Jess Farrelly

Our last Winter Retreat was held in picturesque Daylesford. This nourishing, all day workshop explored the relationship we have with ourselves, to others and our connection to Winter. Guests were able to disconnect from their busy city lives and take advantage of the slow pace of country living.

Throughout the day we discussed and implemented practices such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation which gave guests the opportunity to create space to allow them to listen to how their bodies we’re feeling. I believe this is particularly important during the colder months when we are more susceptible to catching common colds and flu.

As we took advantage of the lovely surroundings, we were able to draw inwards to explore stillness and warmth and to plant seeds of growth for the upcoming year ahead.

It was a day filled with yummy nourishing Winter soup, hot chai, stretching, yoga and meditation, essential oils and facial masks provided by ENKI organics, a partnership of biodynamic growers, distillers & herbalists from Daylesford who create the most beautiful organic essential oils and skincare products. While guests lay in savasana, we treated them to a luxurious healing mask that combined sacred botanicals and Australian clay to detox, purify, cleanse and heal the skin from the inside out.

What I took from the day was the importance of connection – connection to ourselves, to the natural environment and to the people that surround us. At the heart of these retreats is the ability to facilitate this fundamental human connection.

As we grow up in a world where we interact more via screen rather than face-to-face, it has become apparent that we are losing the ability to really feel and connect to people on an energetic level.  By giving people this space, and allowing them to feel safe, the women were able to open up, share experiences, dreams and goals for the future, and left the day feeling refreshed and nourished.

The next Winter Retreat will be held at our new Bend of Islands Studio.  For more information contact Jess Farrelly on 0423 227 350 or

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